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    Problem with GUI in different resolution

      I have problem with maintaining component position in GUI. if I am specifying positions with X and Y coordinate , and the application is run with lower resolution the components do not appear within window as X and Y positions are out of
      resolution and also browser do not show scroll bar.
      When I specify constrained based layout and minimize browser, It maintains the position of components upto a limit and then overlaps.
      Can anyone suggest why browser is not showing scrollbar when I am applying position with X, Y coordinates and their value is out of resolution....
      Please reply.......I need to solve it soon..
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          slaingod Level 1
          horizontal/verticalScrollPolicy can affect that. You need to make sure your containers are set up properly. Possibly you have the Application size fixed to pixels, or your embed statement isn't using 100% or whatever so it can resize, or one of your other containers before you reach the one you want to resize, is set to a fixed width, no scroll, clipContent or something like that.