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    Important to Match Sequence to Clip Exactly for PF30 Pulldown Progressive Video Clips?


      Curious how important it is to exactly match the sequence settings to the native video clip.


      I am shooting all my video currently with the same camera - Canon Vixia HF/S21


      I am shooting at 1920x1080, using PF30 Frame Rate, and 24Mbps bitrate.


      The raw output then is "progressive" but it is converted in the camera from native 60i that it is actually shot in.


      Up until today, I had been using the PPCS5.5 Sequence Preset for AVCHD 1080p30.


      But after reading about Sequences here in the Forum FAQs, I learned about matching the Sequence Settings to clips.


      So I tried creating a sequence from a Clip, and it shows the new sequence at AVCHD 1080i


      I was surprised by this, so I thought I would ask here to understand this better...