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    Weird issue with Quicktime files (Green/Magenta)

    @IFDD Level 1

      I have an MOV file that plays just fine in Quicktime:



      The same video taken into Premiere Pro CS 5.5 looks like this:



      Other videos from the same camera/batch look fine, so it seems to be something with the decoder used by PP?


      Things I tried:

      - Opening the file in Media Encoder and decoding to something else -> same issue

      - Opening the file in PP CS5.5 on a Mac (different GPU/CPU/OS) -> same issue (this seems to rule out OS/hardware issues)

      - Opening the file directly in Quicktime -> works fine on all systems (this seems to rule out file corruption issues)

      - Opening the file in AE CS5.5 -> same issue (this seems to rule out GPU/driver issues)


      System: Win7 x64, Nvidia Quadro 4000, 24GB Ram (latest updates)

      SW: PP CS 5.5 (latest updates)


      Any hints on what I can do are appreciated.