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    "Comp out and clean background elements?"


      hi forum,


      i know this is probably a newbie question, but after a quick search on google i wasnt really able to find the answer i was looking for.


      in this video, there is a before/after comparison of a video with/without some VFXs being applied.   what i wanted to ask about was the bit from 24-30 where the original white background is cleaned up using after effects?


      what exactly is being done to achieve this?



      if anyone could shed some light on this i would really appreciate it!  thanks for reading

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That's just some random particles and lens flares. Easily doable if you have Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular or you might even find some stock footage for it. The rest isn't realyl that fancy - just some mask around the guy with some very generous feathering and then some chromatic abberation/ channel shift effect slapped on.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The first step is to clean up the footage with a garbage matte. It's fairly easy to do using a shape layer with a gradient fill. It looks like this and it doesn't need to be perfect.




            The second step is to create a composite. It is composed of 3 elements; a lens flair, a gradient filled Shape layer for a new background, and the cleaned footage composite made in step one. The sample video showed a practical lens flair that they used. This means that they shot the lens flair.


            If you don't have a practical lens flair you can make one that's fairly close using Effect>Generate>Lens Flair and Effect>Generate>CC Light Sweep. These effects are added to a black (RGB all = 0) solid. A gradient filled shape layer is used for the gradient background, then you just duplicate the cleaned footage comp made in step one twice, put one copy above the black solid with the lens flair, put the other above the gradient background, and use the cleaned footage as a Luma track matte for the lens flair and the gradient. Set the blend mode for the lens flair to screen and experiment with the blend mode for the gradient until you get the effect you like. The comp looks like this:




            The final step is to adjust curves on the two copies of the cleaned footage comp that you're using as a track matte to clean up the composite, do a little final color grading and add any other noise you want in the image. It is suggested in the video that Particular was used.


            I crushed the whites on the lens flair matte and stretched the blacks on the gradient matte. This shows a curves adjustment to the top track matte that allows the lens flair to bleed over the actor. Notice the apparent lighting effect on his face as a result of the adjustment to the track matte.



            You should be able to take it from here. The composite is 90% procedure. The rest is artistic. 

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              ProducedbyHANS Level 1

              Wow!!  thank you so much for the in depth reply!  really really appreciate it, i will definitely try this tonight!!  some phenomenal help on this forum