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      Hi All,


      when I show xml this error is appeared indicating that there is a conversion error

      TypeError: Error #1034: Echec de la contrainte de type : conversion de "[object TextFlow][object TextFlow]" en flashx.textLayout.elements.TextFlow impossible.

                at com.swallow.utils::ShowXML/setXML()[E:\IndegoPredict\SwtToolBox\src\com\swallow\utils\Sho wXML.mxml:46]

                at movementmatchsummarydisplay/showXMLSelect()[E:\IndegoPredict\Migrate_MMSD\src\movementmat chsummarydisplay.mxml:849]


      May you help me

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          Flex4_5 Level 1

          to correct the prblem you needs to convert to html using this line:

          textFlow="{TextConverter.importToFlow(htmlTextAsHTML, TextConverter.TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT)}"


          i hope to help someone