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    Make a game *LIKE* Mud and Blood 2


      Hello folks!

      I want to make a game LIKE Mud and Blood 2 (I call it "Unnamed Vietnam War Project")

      I can do good animations (or think i can atleast) i was ment to do all and my friend MAYBE does the scripts and got some ideas (and maybe also does some animations)

      So i wanted to make a Vietnam War game focusing on squad based strategy, randomly generated battlefields and waves of enemies (Viet-Cong and NVA) i checked all youtube videos but i did not found any videos of this kind.

      Could somebody help me with the scripts???

      Also btw. I would like a menu with music in it (preferably Tracks of my tears or Paint it black)

      I think you do not know what the hell im talking about, so sorry.

      I just want to get some help at coding the waves and the deploying units.


      Heres some additional info:

      For the player (United States Marine Corps):
      From weakest to strongest:

      Regular Enlistee (M14) 1 Point - 3 Morale

      South Vietnamese Soldier (M16) 1 Point - 4 Morale

      Medic (M16,can heal Wounded soldiers) 3 Points - 2 Morale (Due to seeing many things of wounded men)

      Engineer (Pistol Can build Defence structures, see abilities category) 2 Points - 3 Morale

      Rifleman (M16) 2 Points - 15 Morale

      MG (M60) 4 Points - 15 Morale

      Flamethrower (M2 Flamethrower) 4 Points - 20 Morale (loses double morale when teammates get lit on fire, explodes at death)

      Anti Tank ( L.A.W ) 4 Points - 20 Morale

      Mike Force Recon (M16 Can call in Artillery Barrages) 6 Points - 55 Morale

      Officer ( M16 is also Signaller - See Abilities category ) 6 Points - 65 Morale

      Tank 15 Points

      You get 1 Point for every 2 killed enemies.




      Can call in Napalm Air Strike, Covering the target are with fire for 15 seconds. Burns all enemies who get hit down.Heavily Destructable 3 Points, -15 morale.

      Can call in a B52 carpet bomber, covering the target area with bombs. Anyone who gets hit will get gibbed. If men get hit, there team loses 1 morale point (See functions category) 3 Points

      Can call in Broken Arrow, Calling in all available Jets to cover the 60% of the battlefield in Napalm, 70% of accidently also bombing your own men, leading to all men below 15 Morale to surrender.

      Special hint: Only use it when you  see no more chance on repelling the enemy but covering the area with napalm.


      Builds following:


      Barbed Wire



      Now, to the enemies.

      Enemy Team (Vietcong and NVA)
      From Weakest to Strongest.

      Viet-Cong Villager (AK-47) 1 morale

      Viet-Cong (AK47) 5 Morale.

      Viet-Cong Sapper (PPSh, can set traps - see traps category) 5 Morale.

      Viet-Cong RPG (RPG-7) 6 Morale

      NVA Regular (SKS) 10 Morale

      NVA Rifleman (AK47) 5 Morale





      If men get hit by explosions, they will lose bodyparts, resulting into a little bit bigger morale loss for men then from getting shot.

      Burning down:

      If men get hit by Napalm or Flamethrowers, they will start burning, and cna still shoot for 5 seconds until they die, which results in the body being black and red, charred.