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    Video compression in After Effects

    Michal Roch



      i have a little problem with video compression in After Effects.When I was looking for example on that video: http://vimeo.com/18672227 the quality in HD is really great. When we was trying to compress our video in After Effects, the best result, which we was able to get, had 80 MB and 18 seconds and the quality was still much worst than like the one which i posted above. 80 MB for only 18 secs of video and with that quality seems too much for me. I really doubt it is normal. Then for example video which i posted above should have 2000 MB and i really don't believe that.


      Is there some way how to get HD quality video for internet streaming with affordable size from After Effect rendering compression? Which settings, formats or codecs I should use? Or do i need some other Adobe program which is builded for this better compressions?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are looking for an easy answer where there is none. Yes, there are better tools than AE for final compression like Adobe Media Encoder, but your format will still be H.264. The rest is very much a matter of experience and a combination of settings for data rates, encoding passes and so on plus tricks on how to deal with Gamma shifts and color skewing due to the chroma undersampling. Without seeing the actual footage, nobody will be able to give you any exact pointers, but generally the presets you find in AE and AME will provide a good basis. The rest is just tippy-toeing through the settings and learning by doing. Also do some general research on the matter. Because it is so complex and difficult, this topic is discussed to death on pretty much every forum that deals with video editing, DVD/ BluRay authoring and ripping movies for fun...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The Adobe Media Encoder has some good presets for the Internet. I'd suggest that you use the YouTube or Vimeo HD presets and make sure that the compression is set to multi pass encoding. It's easy to do. Select H.264 as the Format and Pick a Preset, then check the settings of the preset by clicking on the preset name. Select the video tab and scroll down to the bitrate settings.



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              Michal Roch Level 1



              thank you for the answer! If you want, the concrete project you can download here: mirror1.minerwars.com/Downloads/TEST_VIDEO.rar . It is AE project and few uncompressed video (450 MB). Could you post some closer tips or help please? Thank you very much.

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                Would like a simple, all-around preset, with high definition for youtube. Main video islocated here http://www.vineyardsnaples.com, it is over 30 seconds and has streaming issues on youtube as of late, mostly with IE.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The YouTube preset in AME is the one you want.