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    Problem with saving information typed into a fillable PDF form that's available online


      Hi Guys,


      I am having problems trying to save information that I type into a fillable PDF form that's available via a web link/online. I created this PDF form using Adobe LifeCycle. Usually, I expect that when I visit the website link to this PDF form, the form would appear, I will fill in information into the form and I will be able to save that form along with the information I typed into it, to my local drive.


      However, this is not the case. After saving, when I go to where I saved the PDF form on my local drive and I open up the form, the information which I typed into the PDF form is not there. So basically, I am able to save the fillable PDF form which I got through the website link but the information that I type into this form is not saved with it.


      Any ideas or recomendation on what to do in a situation like this?