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    Problems with Premiere after edit Sequence via Dynamic Link in AE


      Hello everybody,


      I imported a sequence of a premiere project in after effects via File -> Adobe Dynamic Link -> Adobe Premiere Pro Project.

      I cleaned a few takes with the stamp tool (had to erase a few microphones that appeared in the take).


      Since then I have hughe problems opening the premiere project. At first it takes so much time for premiere to find all the clips in the project

      and afterwards the anoying coloured apple wheel apears when clicking in the timeline. It's impossible to start working on the project.


      Is this because of the hundreds of clone layers I made in after effects with the stamp tool, or can it be the different compositions I made of a few layers.


      I tried to erase everything in the after effects project to leave the dynamic link of the premiere project link it was when I imported it in the first place.

      Is there any posibility to deactivate the dynamic link in after effects, so premiere performes link the was never edited anything in after effects?


      I totaly need help and I'm lost. Is there any posibility to get my premiere project run again.

      Actually there is no need to edit the sequence ina fter effects right now, I think the best way would be to edit the whole movie and then change to after effects and clean out the whole thing.