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    Flash Differences between Browsers




      Thank you for your interest; here is the issue I am having.


      The above URI with FLV movie renders fine in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


      But when viewed in IE9 the movie displays strangely, somehow the movie is not rendered in full size filling the black border around it. Small gaps seem to appear.


      I have tried using different movie sizes but the issue is not going away.


      Any idea regarding if this is an IE or Flash bug?


      FYI: The aspect ratio for the movie is 2.4, if that means anything regarding a solution.


      Please help!

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          iGuygar Level 1

          To further investigate I loaded a dummy flash swf without any content in it and the problems were present there also.


          So I do not think it is related to FLVPlayback control in any way.


          Look forward to your thoughts.


          Thank you.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When there are problems across different browsers the most common cause is the embedding code that is used in the html page.  You should let Flash publish an html page and see if the problem persists when you view it with the same browsers.

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              iGuygar Level 1

              Thank you for your input.


              I used the generated code my Flash to embed the movie and the same issue was displayed but when I added a <br /> tag before the player embed info the issue seem to go away.


              So I believe it is a matter of tracking down the bug somewhere.


              Any further help would be greatly welcome.


              Thank you.


              You can see the modified result at: http://guygar.com/inception/fiction/indexAdd.html and not working version at: http://guygar.com/inception/fiction/indexNoAdd.html


              <table align="center" id="paramTBL">
                         &nbsp <- Adding this renders correctly
              <div id="splashContent">


              <script type="text/javascript">
              FlashReplace.replace("splashContent", "player.swf", "player", 720, 300, 10, {allowScriptAccess: "sameDomain"});