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    Action to combine separated image and alpha channels


      I've got a sequence of 200+ images each with a seperate, corresponding alpha channel file that need to be recombined within photoshop. Ideally I would like to load each image as a layer and the corresponding alpha image as a mask on that layer, and then save the whole file as a .tiff.


      The files are numbere sequentially ie)










      I'm familiar with actions and batch processing, but something of this scale is beyond me. I figure it would require some sort of custom script or action. Ideas and help are appreciated!

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          ag_25 Level 1

          So I sort of found a work-around that's not quite as intuitive but works using actions.


          Basically, I opened a pair of images side-by-side in PS ie)





          and recorded an action where I basically copied the alpha image and pasted it as a mask for the colour image. Then I added a save and double-close command to close both files.

          If I open up all my files side-by-side in sequence and run the action I can do process all my files but have to manually run the action instead of using a droplet or a batch.