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    What settings to use to burn DVD?


      After several attempts, I have not been able to burn a DVD that will play on any of our DVD players.  They will, however, play on our 2 laptops.  I have read the user guide, watched the PrE tutorials, and Steve Grisetti's video and I am still confused about the out put settings.  I downloaded ImgBurn and still no luck.  I have a new hp dv7 laptop with cyberlink dvd drive (BDDVDRW CT40) , and am using Sony DVD+R rw DVDs. Our TV is HD and would like to get the best possible resolution.  After reading the posts on this forum, I am even more confused.  Should it be this difficult?  I should mention that neither of our DVD players are blue ray.  Any help would be appreciated as well as explaining what each of those many, many options will do.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If the DVD plays on your computers but not on your DVD players, it could be that the disc was not properly burned.


          Have you used Share/Disc/DVD/Folder to burn the DVD files to a folder?


          If so, you can then use ImgBurn to burn the folder that it creates (the folder that includes the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders) to a DVD. I recommend selecting the option to verify the disc after you burn it. A disc that ImgBurn verifies after burning will play on 99% of the DVD players.


          Unfortunately there are a few players that are still picky about home-burned discs. Especially Sonys and Pioneers, for some reason. But if you verify the disc after burning and use ImgBurn to do both, you'll increase the odds as much as possible that it will work.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What are the problems that you are having?


            For DVD, there are not many choices, and most are based on the Project, like 4:3 or 16:9. The Transcoding will be to MPEG-2, which is the only option for DVD-Videos. For Audio, the only options are PCM/WAV, or DD AC3, but I do not recall if PrE allows one to even set the Audio.


            Good luck, and let us know exactly what the problems are, please.



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              LCKC Level 1

              I tried your suggestions.  I created a folder Share/Computer MPEG2/  using 1920x1080 30i   Saved in my videos.  I burned the folder and verified it using ImgBurn and was "successful"  Again I was able to play it only on the computer .  DVD player says "check disc".  I don't understand where to look for the VIDEO_TS and Audio_TS.  Would you please elaborate on this.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                OK, this ARTICLE covers general playability of burned DVD's.


                All DVD players are certified to play any replicated, i.e. commercially pressed discs, but none is certified to play any burned discs. However, most do just fine. Some older players are still sensitive to the DVD Type, i.e. -R vs +R, but with newer players, that is less of a concern. Still, if it's an older player, it could well be Type-sensitive.


                Good luck,



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                  LCKC Level 1

                  If it is my DVD player, I don't understand why it will play the DVDs I made with PE8 and imported them into windows movie maker and burned them from that program.  They played on my player a well as the copies made for family on their players.  

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Were you using the same exact blank discs?


                    It appears that you are using Sony DVD +RW's (rewritables). Is that correct, and did you previously use those exact same discs?


                    Many players have real issues with any RW DVD's, though some, like all of my test units, play them fine. I use the highest quality blanks, and burn at less than the highest burn speed (cannot adjust that in PrE, but one can, if they use ImgBurn, or similar). I use RW's as a last test, prior to burning my delivery DVD's, to save making "coasters." I never deliver RW discs, as some clients have players, that do not play those properly. In the last few years, all of my blank delivery discs have been Taiyo-Yuden +R's for DVD-5's, and Verbatim +R's for DVD-9's (DL discs), and I have not had one return.


                    Good luck,



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                      LCKC Level 1

                      That could be the problem.  However, I found another problem.  I set the project up as a disc menu dvd.  I made the menus, set the markers and previewed them.  They worked fine on preview.   Somehow, they are not in the final product.   Since it is not an auto play project, could this be why the dvd can't start it up?  If so, how can I be sure the menus are in there.  At this point I could just change it to auto play, but would prefer the menu.

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        I created a folder Share/Computer MPEG2/  using 1920x1080 30i


                        You are burning a high definition data file - not a DVD. You should use Share> Disc> Burn To Folder to create the folder that you then burn with ImgBurn.




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                          LCKC Level 1

                          Thank you Nealah!  That was it.  I really did do that on my first try, but something happened and it did not work.  I feel like such a dummy.  I went looking for "zebras" when the horse was right here the whole time.