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    Dreamweaver Template not updating pages error code 2?

    lorna17 Level 1

      Hi All


      I wonder if someone can help me - I have a site that i made with Dreamweaver. I then got a new computer (windows 7) and updated my dreamweaver from cs4 to cs5. I have just tried to update my pages and it doesnt seems to be working.


      Not sure what information you need - but I have a root folder and within the root site there is a folder with Templates and the templates have the extension .dwt


      I have read some posts that say recreate the cache which i have tried - this hasnt worked


      I then read another post that says you can update the pages by Modify > templates > Update Pages..


      When i tried this I get the update dialog box, but when i try to update the pages i get the following error message:


      "error accessing file - (name of the dwt file), file not found, error code 2"


      Can i ask the what is the error code 2 - i mean is there any information about the error code which will help me to resolve my templates not being found? as i am bit stuck...


      Would appreciate any help on this and thank you in advance



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          lorna17 Level 1

          Sorry People


          Just found the answer to my question for some reason i had the site folder in another folder not sure why i did that - silly me


          Hope you all have a lovely new year!

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            Reference message: Error accessing file "filepath/filename.dwt": file not found (error code 2)


            Another reason for file not found (error code 2) is trying to use a templated page instance as a template master. 


            Problem tempalte file (.dwt) tags are <!-- InstanceBegin... Template file tags should be: <!-- TemplateBegin...


            When trying to apply template file with "<!-- InstanceBegin... " tags, Dreamweaver (CS6) issues the above error message in a pop-up window.

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              I would like further help with the issue Guy McMickle identified.


              When I update links to my two template files I receive the above Error Code 2 message four times. There are 22 page files based on these templates.


              The <!-- InstanceBegin template... code does not exist in either of the template files. I does, however, show up in every one of the 21 files that were created from one of the two templates. In these files it shows up in uneditable header code.


              Why does the error code only show up four times? If the instanceBegin code is only generated when a file is created based on a template, how can it be avoided or corrected?

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                This is a very old thread begun in Jan 2012.  I doubt many people will pay attention to it.  I suggest you start a new discussion re: your template error.  And please include the following details in your post:

                1. Which OS?
                2. Which version & build # of DW?
                3. Url to your Template.dwt
                4. Url to a child page made from that Template.



                Nancy O.