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    Alt key stuck when using mouse in flash CS5.5 on os x lion. sucks. please help.


      Hi there,


      since I've updated to lion flash cs5.5 is utterly unusable. The alt key is always stuck in this app when I use the mouse. So if I select something then try to move it, it copies it (as if I was holding down alt key). It basically means I can't use flash for anything..


      Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?


      I saw similar forum posts for photoshop cs5 and snow leopard, and even tried the utility provided on those forums. Didn't work.


      I removed my wacom tablet driver,

      I reinstalled flash,

      I shut down EVERYTHING except flash.  Nothing works - alt key is always active in flash.


      Is this some kind of bad joke from Adobe? Is there really no fix for this? I can't believe it - honestly...


      Additional note - in the key remapping page - it reckognizes the alt key normally, and all other key combinations - it is only when using the mouse that the alt key is stuck.


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