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    Question on resetting timeouts for Ajax

    coffeedrinker56 Level 1
      Cold Fusion-based RIA:
      beta Test version: (CF 6.1): "Master" CF (XHTML) page: client communication in the background to/from the server using 70+ CF scripts and 16 static XML and XSLT scripts. Most of the CF scripts are importing and/or exporting data to/from a SQL Server database.
      Development (CF 8.0): Same architecture, most scripts are identical to the beta test versions; the CF version is the only significant difference between the two RIA versions.

      When using Ajax on the beta test server, timeouts set in the root Application.cfm were set to 20 minutes, but had to be increased to 120 minutes because CF 6.1 apparently doesn't reset the timeouts when Ajax calls are used. I have not observed the same problem on the development server, but I don't use the system as much as do the testers.

      The beta test version is scheduled to be upgraded to CF 8 very soon... The official security schema here requires inactivity timeouts NOT exceeding 20 minutes, so - if possible - I need to restore the original timeout parameters ...

      Have newer versions of CF been modified to allow Ajax calls to update inactivity timeouts?

      Thanks in advance!

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