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    Automated batch job


      Hi guys,


      We have following software installed and rally need to know how to proceed in ordsr to create automated batch job for applying DRM on the pdf files. This job should be similar to the one that can be configured in acrobat x pro extended, but ran as server service.


      -lifecycle es2 +patch

      -pdf generation module

      +acrobat x pro extended, which is reauired for the pdf generation module

      -right management module

      -Reader extention module


      So what do we need to do in order to create a batch job for applying plocy to all pdf's from input folder to the output folder? Is it SDK? Or can we use acrobat as a server worker in this case?





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          denjo555 Level 1

          After searching on this forum it seems that som kind of customization is needed (not sure thought!)


          My goal is to understand what can be done to create this kind of automated batch proceedure with configuration only. It seems that if acrobat has these capabilities very simply accessable by gui, the server side should also be simply configured.


          Even the pdf generation page has a picture where right management is applied to the pdf, but does it mean that the arrow means sdk? I mean what's the point of setting up a pdf generation and right management if these 2 are not configurable in a simple way? It will be intrestning to explane that to the customer after they will hear the price of the server without needed funtionality :) very confusing...