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    Why do I not see changes sometimes when I refresh a locally-running Flex app?


      Some days I'll make a change, recompile and run it, and not see any change! It is like an older cached SWF is run. But the SWF date is correct (recent) in the directory it is being run from. Strangely, sometimes I can get around this by switching from localhost to, or vice versa! Sometimes I get around by copying trhe SWF to bin-release, and that correctly runs locally - but that also doesn't always work. I've tried multiple project cleans, closing/re-opening Flash Builder, rebootong, etc. Often it suddentyl works the next day, almost like the environment needed to sleep for 8 hrs before refreshing. I've even deleted the project, and reloaded it from our CVS repository, after I checked changes in (committed) but that also doesn't help. Help!


      I use WAMP as my local server.


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