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    Can't find "Create Slideshow" dialog box.


      I have Premiere Elements 7, and am trying to create a slideshow.  The Help page refers to a "Create Slideshow" dialog box, but I don't see that anywhere.  I've looked through every menu, every icon, and tried right clicking on the photos that were dragged down to the timeline, but no slideshow option.


      I've done slideshows manually using PE7 before, but it's a big pain having to manually reset the duration of each slide, rather than changing the default somehow.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There are actually four different ways to build slideshows in Premiere Elements, and I show you how to do each in my books.


          But I think you're referring to the slideshow creator on the Project panel. To use it, select several stills or clips in the Project panel (by selecting as you hold down the Ctrl or Shift key) and right-click. This will open the panel I think you're looking for.