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    Extension Manager says I don't have any programs


      I've been trying to install TypeDNA for about a month with no luck. Type DNA says it's an Adobe problem...

      I'm using Mac Lion, installed the newest 5.5 Extension Manager, and when I launch extension manager, it says I don't have any Adobe products.

      I use Photoshop and Illustrator every day....so I know that's not the case.


      Any ideas? Thanks.

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Please go to "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities - CS5.5/ExtendScript Toolkit CS5.5" and launch "ExtendScript Toolkit.app", then input "BridgeTalk.__diagnostics__;", click "Run" button. The diagnostics information will be output in "Javascript Console" window. Please check whether the pathes of Photoshop and Illustrator are correct. You can also paste the output here. If the pathes are incorrect, I am afraid you have to reinstall Photoshop and Illustrator.