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    Any links to computers good for running Premiere?


      Hello, I was hoping for some help.


      I am looking to buy a computer to run CS 5.5. I will mostly be editing standard definition DV from my Canon GL-2, but I might upgrade my camera in the next year or so and I want to be sure my setup will be able to handle HD.


      I have read many of the other threads on here and they have been quite helpful, but I was hoping for a bit more help if anyone can manage. I would prefer not to build my own setup and I was wondering if anyone could provide links to desktop or laptop computers that would be good for running Premiere CS 5.5. Has anyone found any computers for sale online that are good to go as far as running Premiere? Something wth all the right stuff (i7, 16 GB RAM, GTX 570) all included?


      As far as budget I would like to keep it under $2000, but I could go a bit higher if needed. I have been looking around myself (this isn't just me being totally lazy) but because I'm not so tech savvy I don't want to get the wrong setup. Would something like this be OK? (And if so, is this a good price?)




      Thanks in advance for all your help!