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    transfer library book to Nook


      How do I transfer library books that I have downloaded from the public library to  my Nook.  I have the Adobe ePub software on ny computer. When I drag and drop the library book to the Nook, it comes in as a file and Nook can't open it and says it's not supported.  Its a .acsm file.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Somebody has dropped the ball back at the library.  Their download

          procedure should be to send your computer a small file that tells it to

          start ADE and then link it to the .ascm file.  ADE then proceeds to read

          the .ascm file and go and get the text of the ebook.  When this is done

          properly, your download from the library should activate ADE, and you'll

          see a screen that will give you the option to OPEN or SAVE the ebook.  If

          you pick OPEN, ADE will open the ebook in Reading mode.  If you pick SAVE,

          ADE will put the ebook in its Library and you'll see it in Library mode.

          Once the ebook is in the Library, you can drag and drop it to your

          Nook.....  You should never have an .ascm file on your computer in ADE.

          I'd go back to the library and tell them that something went wrong with the

          download and you need help from their technical support function.


          Hope this helps!