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    Premier Elements 10 - I cannot get the Share/Online Feature to work


      Brand new install of premier elements 10 on a new PC running Windows 7.


      Everything was working great until it was time to do something with the movie project.   I want to get the movie to YouTube but when I went to Share and then Selected Online - nothing happened.  I can save to computer, DVD, all of the other Share options but nothing happens when I click online.  All of the other choices bring up a new screen with saving details but when I select Online - I don't even get a reaction from the computer.


      I did it once without signing into my Adobe ID but then I signed in and no difference.


      I created my Adobe ID on a different computer using Photoshop but not sure if that is relevant at all or if even the Adobe ID is relevant.


      Any suggestions?


      I know I can save to PC first and then upload (which is what is happening now as I type this) but I would like to remove one step if I can and have it work the way it was designed.