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    Adobe Updater just keeps trucking


      Initially I wasn't sure what the very large background download was....I had to use a number of Microsoft diagnostic tools to determine.


      It turned out to be AR Updater. I am currently on AR 8.2.



      I only have EDIT/PREF options to auto install or disable. No more options to let me choose.


      I would prefer download as I realise it fixes some security issues


      Current download has been going for days in b/g. I am on a slow link.


      ARU never gives me any indication it is kickng off a download. I do remember telling it ages OK I was happy was auto-download.


      Help/Check for updates says update is running.


      How can I determine when ths monster download will finsh?. I estimare it has d/l'd about 100MB++ thus far. I occasionally need to close connection. So maybe some d/l portions have been repeated.


      If I d/l installer EXE at a faster link site will this prevent auto installer from re-trying d/l on slow link (after batch install of course)?.


      I have d/l'd Acrobat_Reader_Updater.pdf - it is handy but doesn't answer some questions.


      Rgds Brian ps AR is great but the auto d/l is proving a strain