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    InDesign crash on startup (Mac OS 10.7.2)

    Grafica PubliOne

      Hello everybody and thank in advance for your support.


      I run have InDesign CS5 on a iMac 27'' running Mac OS Lion 10.7.2, and since I made some maintenance tasks with MainMenu Pro, InDesign keeps crashing on startup.


      Here is the crash report


      I have the Italian version. Il keeps crashing on the "Esecuzione dei servizi di avvio" part, which I guess could be something like "Startup services" - it's the script immediately after the "Windows" one.


      After searching for every crash problem in the forums, I tried:

      - Uninstalling/Reinstalling CS5 with the Adobe Cleanup Tool

      - deleting the preferences in ~/Library/Preferences

      - deleting the preferences in ~/Library/Application Support/InDesign

      - renaming/moving the SING folder


      Obviously none of these worked.

      What can I do, other than for crying like a baby? I really need help with this, I'm a graphic designer dammit!