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    Different stereo handling on different tracks

    bpwebster Level 1

      I have a number of mono sound clips in a project with a lot of mono audio tracks which are behaving kind of strangely. When I drop them into the top 7 tracks they play from only either the left or the right channel (I thought they alternated, but not quite: track 1 is L, 2 is R, 3 L, 4 R, 5 L, 6 L, 7 R). When I drop them into any track lower than that, they play from both channels.


      It seems to me that there's some kind of audio output map that's set for each track, though even more weirdly this doesn't seem to apply to *every* mono track. Can't seem to find anything which would sort this out, though.


      This inconsistency is pretty annoying, but I'm a fair way into this edit - it's a short which has been ported over from FCP - and I'd really like not to have to go back and change the audio mapping of every clip from scratch. Any suggestions?

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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have a look at the audio mixer pan controls, perhaps some are panned one way and some the other.

          Another thing to check is to make sure they have imported as mono clips on to mono tracks and not as mono clips on to half a stereo track.

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            The track mapping you're seeing is curious, and I don't have an answer for that, but audio pan info is set in the Audio Mixer, and by track, not by clip.  Start by looking there, and set your mono track panners to 0.0. 


            You can also automate panning, and/or set manual keyframes for pan in each mono track, by setting your Timeline track setting to Show Track Keyframes, and then select Panner Pan from the gray menu that will appear to the right of the track panel.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I have a number of mono sound clips


              Terminology is important here.  Take note that a stereo clip with sound only on one channel is still a stereo clip.  A genuinely mono clip will only go onto a mono track, and will come out both speakers.

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                bpwebster Level 1

                Just to follow up - yes, these were mono clips on mono tracks.


                Richard was absolutely right: I should have checked the audio mixer and pan settings, but didn't bother since I generally don't even have the mixer open or the pan settings displayed - I'd normally hand over to a sound designer using ProTools for finishing and mix. So there's no way I'd even have modified the settings, right?


                Wrong. No idea why, but when I opened up the track pan display I found dozens of panning keyframes entered for those seven tracks, stretching well beyond the end of the current sequence duration. My best guess is that these were somehow left over from the FCP XML import - I hadn't done any stereo mixing in FCP either, but maybe this is how Premiere interprets certain kinds of FCP audio information?. That could be way off, though.


                Thanks for your replies.