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    Error 103:103 - Abode Reader 10.1.1  & IE 9


      Only two ways I found around this issue when opening Pdf's in IE 9,

      • select "save target to a file"; probably the safest method - one that allows you to view it at your pleasure,
      • or disable the the protected mode by opening Adobe Reader, Edit Preferences, General tab, "uncheck" enable protected mode at start up, close Reader, restart Reader



      Only two methods I found that allows me to view Pdf's when using IE 9 under Vista - oh yes - if i can't get it to work under Vista, nothing else gets it! I rather have one "screwed up"

      than a bunch of them. If anyone else has other ideas to get around the error 103:103 code or perhaps the correct way to resolve it, go for it! At least this works until the next update!


      Good luck!