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    Using an hierarchical dataProvider for a TileList


      Hey guys,

      I am working on a Flex3 project and do have a viewStack holding two components: an AdvancedDataGrid and a TileList


      Both of these are supposed to be based on the same dataprovider and due to the nature of the viewstack easily switchable.

      The AdvancedDataGrid is already implemented and uses HierarchicalData as dataProvider (I only have two levels, where the second level is given by an attribute with the type ArrayCollection in the first level).

      Now I have to tell my TileList somehow to transform this hierarchical data into plain data by simply flatting it (i.e. Level1, Level1.1, Level1.2, Level 1.3, ..., Level 2, Level 2.1, ...Level3 , ...).



      I already thought about using an ICollectionView interface and to use some form of other adapter. But I could not really manage to get something working....so any hints/ideas?



      cheers a lot and happy new year!!