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    Thumbnails will not display in Bridge

    ed turlington Level 1

      I am running CS5 on a Mac. About 3 days ago Bridge stopped displaying thumbs for files created from RAW (it does show most thumbnails for tiffs and jpegs created in the past)


      I have tried to purge cache but i get a msg that says something like "1st of 3 processes" or something similar but that msg never goes away and I have to Force Quit Bridge. Several times when I shut down Bridge would not close, I had to Force Quit.


      Maybe I inadvertantly changed a View setting but cannot find anything to resolve this. Maybe I need to download Bridge and start over? If so, do I need to download CS5 and Bridge is part of that? don't want to foul up Actions or other things.....and don't see a way to download only Bridge.


      thx for help folks,