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    PDF preview problem

    Nina_Storm Level 1

      I have a preview problem in a pdf file.


      In certain percentages the "i" gets fatter. On my screen in 70%.


      I tried to attached a pdf containing placed png and jpg as wel, they present no problem.

      But how do I upload an image?


      Can I avoid the problem in placed .ai files pure vector?


      Or how can I explain to the customer who needs the file to live in on-screen pdf as well.


      Nina Storm

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There is a viewer preference setting in Acrobat and Reader to "Enhance Thin Lines" and that's what you are seeing. If the lines are thin, and at the current magnification they require a fractional value of screen pixels to display, Acrobat opts to raound up to the next ful screen pixel instead of rounding down (or at least that's the effect -- I don't know the inner workings of Acrobat). This is not something that you can control anywhere but on your own system because it is a preference item, and it's on by default.


          To show a screen cap, use the camera icon on the web page to insert it into your post like this:


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            Nina_Storm Level 1

            Thank you Peter, thats what I thought about the preview issue.


            And about the upload image issue - my file was too big.


            Thank you