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    Error on scrolling on datagrid

      Hi ,
      I am diplaying data on datagrid with arraycollection as dataprovider. I displays data in it.
      but when browser window is resized so that scroll appear on datagrid or if datagrid contains records more than its size,
      on scrolling to grid rows it work fine, but some time while scrolling it inserts empty rows to datagrid and shows following error;
      TypeError: Error #1010: Aterm is undefined and has no properties.
      at mx:controls.listClasses::ListBase/scrollVertically()
      at mx:controls::DataGrid/scrollVertically()
      at mx:controls.listClasses::ListBase/set verticallScrollPositon()

      I could not find the reason behid the error, if any one know the solution please reply soon...waiting
      at mx:controls.listClasses::ListBase/mouseWheelHandler()
      at mx:controls::DataGrid/mouseWheelHandler()