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    RH Taking Long Time to Load/Blinking Cursor


      Good morning,


      I am not for sure if this issue has been addressed but it is something I have run into multiple times on different versions of RH (currently on version 9). I have opened one of my RH projects and it is taking forever to "load" - I can click on topics, open them, modify, them, etc. however, the cursoir is blinking constantly and the scrollbar in the Project Manager pod is moving up and down periodically, like it is trying to load more topics. There are times when I can actually double-click and open a topic...however, there are times when I do I cannot type three letters because the cursor is jumping around too much and often times going to the first topic in the project manager starting with the letter I typed.


      This is a large project but it does not happen all the time. No major changes have been made to the project. The blinking has been going on for well over 15 minutes.


      Any help/feedback/guidance would be greatly appreciated.