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    loadMovie - Load external image

      I have a website I made with a single flash file in which the .swf is 2.7 MB. The web site functions as a gallery of images that you can zoom into and move around, so large images are necessary. I had an idea to make the action script load the images externally into the .swf to make it smaller, but the script that I'm trying doesn't seem to work. I found it in the Flash help:


      i_1 is a button that contains the first image you see in the gallery. Evidentially, it has to be a button for the drag and drop or zoom functions to work - I can't remember which, I made this site last month. I just remember changing into an MC didn't work.

      Anyway, today I placed this above script in the first frame of the MC that contains this button (da_1a), and nada. It didn't load anything. I also read that when it does load it will put the left corner on the registration point which is in the center of the button. The registration has to stay there for the zoom function to work properly. So, I need to somehow accompany the script with parameters to where to place the loaded image - x=(-400), y=(-262.5).

      It seems this should be simple. Any help would be great.