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    Converting RoboHelp X5.0.2 project to 9.0.1 - Generate Primary Layout doesn't produce anything


      Our company has been using RoboHelp X5.0.2 for many years and I am quite familiar with it. We are considering upgrading to 9.0.1 soon so I am evaluating the 30 day trial.


      My old projects all load fine into 9.0.1 and the GUI is reasonably familiar to me. However, when I select "Generate Primary Layout", nothing happens! Normally in X5.0.2 in the Output Window I see something like this:


      Created c:\My Documents\HelpFiles\MVMControl3\MVMControl3\!SSL!\Microsoft_HTML_Help\MVMControl3.chm, 41,916 bytes

      Compression decreased file by 93,198 bytes.

      Finished compiling HTMLHELP in 4 sec(s)

      Compilation complete.


      But in the output window of 9.0.1 I see nothing at all.

      If I do a batch generate I see:


      Batch generating layout "MMEA Layout"....

      Batch generating layout "Normal Layout"....

      Batch generating layout "WebHelp"....

      etc....but I don't see any output files - I can't see any new CHM files anywhere in my hard drive.


      Does the trial version not produce CHM files? Or is there something different I have to do? The Output Window doesn't seem very useful in 9.0.1 so I am at a loss to understand what is preventing it from creating any output. Is there anywhere else I can check in the app to see what is stopping the output from being generated?