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    Interactive PDF weirdness: buttons, sound, and other hyperlink intrigue

    Ed Roseman

      Hi everyone.


      1. I'm trying to see if there's any way whatsoever to make a "Back" button (like in a browser) in an interactive PDF work correctly on an iPad. I did a test doc that works fine on a Mac, but on the iPad, the buttons don't even appear in iBooks, Notability or GoodNotes. In the iPad's version of Adobe Reader, they are visible, but don't do anything. I've searched the ID forums trying to figure out what info is outdated, but am beginning to think that Back/Forward buttons just plain won't work on an iPad. Is there any work around? (I don't have Acrobat or other Adobe programs, so I guess the question should be, "Is there a workaround without having to pay more big buckaroos for an additonal Adobe program?")


      2. Oh, and sound doesn't work on either the Mac nor iPad, although the button does show up on all the iPad apps I mentioned. Besides the fact that the button doesn't work, it does seem odd to me that it does show up in these other programs, whereas the previous/next buttons don't even show up.

      3. Another weirder weirdness: I have a 4-page test document with some hyperlinks on a master page which is applied to all four pages. The hyperlinks have various visible/invisible, think/thin Adobe rectangles around them, so I could see what they look like. Yet when I export to an Interactive PDF, although the hyperlinks appear on all four pages, they only work on one page—in one export, only the first page, and in a subsequent export, only on the second page. AND only one of the rectangles shows up at all, and only on the first page, at that. I've reapplied the master page multiple times, and replaced my prefs as described at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/526990. No change. I have no idea what's going on!


      This is on a iMac i7, and most up-to-date versions of the OS and ID: OS X 107.2, ID CS 5.5 (V7.5.2.318), and an iPad 2, with all current, update software.


      I'll attach a link to my zipped test file and PDF, should anyone want to take a look at them. (Warning: there was no attempt at aesthetics in making the test file!)

      http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17952771/Interactive%20PDF%20tests.zip (866 KB)


      Thanks ahead of time for any input!