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    Getting error message when trying to install Reader 9 on Win 7 64 bit w/IE 9


      I hope I can be concise and not have this all sound too convoluted but I am so confused by this time that I may not be able to hide it.   I have recently bought an HP Omni 220 PC, 64 bit, with Win 7, Intel Core i7, and IE9.  Reader didn't come installed and I have been battling for weeks now trying to get it set up.


      I couldn't get Reader 10 to install so I installed Reader 9 thinking to update to 10.  While I can open and read PDF files beautifully on my desktop, Reader 9 allowed me to open .PDF files online only about 2 times and then stopped.  When I tried to open a PDF link my IE 9 would crash and recover and tell me some problem had caused IE to have to close and recover.  I tried 'repairing' the installation through the "Repair" option on the drop down menu which you get when you right click on the .msi installer.  When the repair is running I get an error which reads:


      "Warning 1909.Could not create shortcut Adobe Reader 9.lnk.  Verify that the destination folder exists and that you can access it."


      I have no idea what destination folder this refers to or how to fix it.


      I uninstalled Reader 9, attempted again to install Reader 10.  I think I've figured out that the 10 installer (which disappears and nothing happens when I try to run it) is actually a program different from the actual installation program but I fear I'd just run into this same destination folder boo-boo with the 10 installation as I have the 9 installation.  At least the 9 will run without disappearing.


      In short, finally, how can I fix this Warning 1909 to get Reader 9 installed so that I can actually read PDF files in IE9 and hope to update to 10?


      Thank you,