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    Bringing in a Newspaper Article .tiff format

    Schmidt_127_New Level 1



      I am putting together a sequence that includes newspaper articles and headlines.  I was wondering if there was any way to make the text more readable (sharper/clearer) when it is rendered out.  Rigth now the newspaper articles text is a little bit blurry. 


      Currrently I have scanned the article to a .tif file and then cropped them in Photoshop and saved them as a psd file.  It is this .psd file I am importing into my timeline.


      If there is a better way, or a way to improve on this proces,, please let me know.





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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          What is your sequence size & aspect ratio?

          What is your .psd image size & aspect ratio?

          Are you scaling up your image in the timeline?

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            Schmidt_127_New Level 1

            The interview clips that I will be inserting will be 1920 x 1080  29.97  I am using a Panasonic AGHMC 40 camera that uses the AVCHD format....files are .mts......I have not done the interviews yet and could do them with a different setting but would prefer the best quality that i can get.


            Each of the Newspaper Articles is of a different size and aspect ratio.  I am going to have to scale each one up.   Some to fit the whole screen but others as insets etc....


            So for example, some of my newspaper articles are 3" x 5" and some are 7 x 10.....These are from newspapers from the 70's and 80s and are the only assets I have.....I had to scan them into a .tif file....It is not the best but it is all I have to work with.


            If there is a more professional workflow or method, please let me know.

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              SFL46 Level 3

              Gnenerally, any time you scale up an asset, the quality will be reduced.  Second, newsprint is generally rough surface and the typeface will generally not be clean and crisp.


              Have you considered OCR'ing the article and then changing the font to something more readible on video (e.g., sans serif, no thin face elements, etc)  This bypasses the need to scale if your selected orginal size matches your sequence format

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                The problem is probably your scan resolution.  I suggest you set your scanner resolution to greater than 400 DPI.  The more scan resolution you use, the more you can enlarge the file without it getting blurry.  The file format doesn't mean much, but I'd recommend a non or lightly compressed format like PSD, PNG, TIF, TGA.  You can use JPEG, but set the compression low (Quality setting high) if you want to zoom in tight and keep it looking nice.

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                  Stephen_Spider Level 3

                  What are the pixel dimensions of the scan, ie 800X1200, 2400X3200.

                  You do not want to up scale what the scan already is.


                  Is your target export DVD or HD?


                  If DVD, you may start with a DV Widescreen preset sequence at 720X480, reduce the Video Clips scale to fit the sequence size, then you will have more room to play with the News scan.


                  The same idea applies to a 1280X720 preset if you want to Distribute in HD, but still use a smaller scale.


                  One thing about paper scans, you tend to have to tone down the video levels to make them look decent at all. If it is a Higher resolution sharp scan, you can add a light blur to help with text "vibration".