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    RH8: Bold Text in Paragraph Appears Heavier in Firefox


      Noticed recently that bolded text in a paragraph appears differently in Firefox than it does in IE and Chrome. In Firefox the bold text is heavier. We're creating webhelp output using RoboHelp 8 ( Note that we have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and re-installed RoboHelp. We also upgraded to Firefox 9. We were not seeing this issue before the upgrades. See example below.

      RoboHelp HTML:

      <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Open Ports</span>. Select to find hosts
      with a particular open TCP or UDP port. Enter the port number in the field
      provided. You may include up to 10 ports, separating each port with a


      Appears like this in IE and Chrome (matches WYSIWYG and topic preview from RH):


      Appears like this in Firefox (heavier bold font):



      The paragraph style as defined in the CSS:

      p {
      font-size: 10pt;
      margin-top: 3pt;
      margin-bottom: 7.5pt;
      font-family: Arial;


      Any thoughts on why Firefox looks different? Thanks in advance for your feedback!