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    difficult to find the adobe ebook reader


      Good evening, sorry to trouble, but I have a problem. I downloaded an ebook from www.ibs.it. ... next to the name of the book was written that I had to download Adobe Digital Edition ... I downloaded, I put the book.
      I closed Adobe, I connected with a USB cable to my Sony eBook Reader PRS-T1 I opened Adobe, but this program does not find me .... my readers and therefore can not download the book ... anyone can help me ... I do not know what to do .... thanks a lot

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I think you're relatively new to the ebook world.  Just a guess, so forgive

          me if you're an old hand.


          When you buy an ebook reader such as a SONY, you are encouraged to go to

          their website and register it with them.  Ditto with Adobe Digital

          Editions.  And, to make things simpler yet, if you use the same User ID and

          password with both sites, it makes it much easier when you want the ereader

          and Digital Editions to interact.  You indicate that you plugged in the T-1

          first, then brought Digital Editions up, but the T-1 did not show up.  To

          clarify, if the computer recognizes the device, it will place it in its

          device list - probably as an external hard drive or some other device that

          has some storage in it.  That has to happen first, if Digital Editions is

          going to recognize the device.  So, when you connected the T-1, did you get

          any messages from Windows saying that it found a new device, and that it

          was ready to use?  If you did the first time, then the next time, Windows

          won't tell you anything, but you can look for the device in Windows

          Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) or by using Windows Control Panel.  Once

          this is done, you can bring up Digital Editions.  If Digital Editions

          recognizes the device, it will show it in the Bookshelf pane (left hand

          side) of the Library view.  If it's not there, you can try to add your T-1

          to Digital Editions' authorized list manually, by using the control key

          combinations that are explained in Digital Editions Help (F1 key).  That

          'should' work, but there's no guarantee.  Try it and see....