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    RH9 Stopped Working Error

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      I'm using RH9 on Windows 7 64bit.  We create chm files using compiled HTML. I have converted many of our x5 projects to RH9 without any problems.  However I have come across one project that fails during conversion with a Stopped Working error.  It seems to be failing during Fetching Styles, at least that is the last thing I see on the status bar.  I'm using the same style sheet in all projects but so far this is only project that fails to convert.


      I have tried deleting the .cpd file but it didn't help.  I've also upgraded to version 9.02 but no luck.  The error does show the following files as a possible help to describe the problem.








      Does anyone know what could be causing the problem?




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          It is hard to tell what could be causing this issue to be honest John. I also don't know what those file are or what they contain. Have you tried opening them to see if they give any clue?


          If they don't try creating a new project in RH9 and import the topic files into it bit by bit. If you hit an issue when the import you'll know that one of those files is the cause. From there it is a case of reimporting using a smaller file set and eventaully you'll have the problem file. Let us know how you get on.

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            Thanks for the suggestion.  I started a new project and I was able to track down the problem to one htm file.  Once I removed that htm file, the upgrade was able to complete.  Not sure what is wrong with that file, but at least the project converted.


            I did look at the files (at least the ones I could read) that the error was pointing to, but didn’t find anything of use at least to me.


            Thanks for your help.