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    No files will open in PS CS5, CS2, or 7.


      I have 3 versions of photoshop - none of which will open any files anymore. I've been using them all regularly and then a few weeks ago I've been unable to open files - ANY files. I also cannot create new files of any type with any of the 3 versions I own. (5, 2 or 7). I can't open them through the File dialog or any other manner.


      What's strange is that after I have attempted to open a file - it appears in the recent list as if it had been open. There are no error messages. I can't perform any operations on it like save or modifications, so I dont' think it's I can't find my window issue.


      Any other Adobe product, such as Illustrator or bridge work fine. It just appears to be photoshop. It's been working fine until now.


      I've researched around and tried the various proposed fixes. I've updated my versions, deleted all the preference files, verified the registry is correct and tried the default printer fix.


      Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?