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    Expanding Timeline Gaps


      Recently I have been working with footage that is running at 29.97fps and my issue is that some of my timelines are set to run 30fps. While not normally a problem, if I copy footage from a 29.97 timeline to one of the 30fps timelines I find tiny little gaps in my footage. The 30fps timelines are set up as such to incorporate 30fps SWF files from Adobe Captivate. The 29.97 footage gets copy+pasted in as a time saver since certain bits of footage get reused. (I'm fairly sure that the fps mismatch causes it but I am just curious if anyone else has run into this and if they have a clever workaround for it.)


      I'm able to just manually edit these little gaps out pretty easily, my problem is that as I move footage along the gaps will reappear and in some cases I think they actually get bigger even if I have deleted ripples and manually moved the entire timline over. So I find myself spot checking my sequences very carefully quite often.  Gap issue.jpg

      Here is a screenshot of one such gap, I've zoomed in all the way so you can see how tiny it is. This one occured on the site of a cross dissolve. Previously the two clips had been connected when they were on the 29.97 frame timeline. So I guess my overall question is if there is a way to keep these from splitting when I put them onto a 30fps timeline. 


      This isn't a crippling problem, but it sure is annoying and I wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with it.