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    Advice for my project please

      I am trying to create a chat application in Flex but I need some advice on several things. Here is the interface:


      I need to know how I would go about coding this to function properly. The white box on the right is a List, this is where usernames will appear. The big box is where messages will appear and the small on where messages will be inputted. Would a MySql databse + PHP be a good combination to use for user authtencation and message storage. Have I used the correct elements and code for my project? Any other critisisms and advice are gladly welcomed.



      Source Code:
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          alexenk Level 1
          *Bump* Please help!
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            levancho Level 3
            I Would strongly suggest to use freely available blazeDS when implementing high performance chat clients, but blazeDS requires tomcat web application server, as far as I know it does not work with apache httpd server.
            besides UI (which IMHO is least of your concerns) the most important part is to implement client server communication, approach that delivers low latency network communication. BlaseDS can definitely do that, also there is LCDS ES edition whih is Ibeleive free and also avaialble as apache module if I am not mistaken. I believe there is something for php as well, but I dont work with php so don't know, pretty sure guys here know,.

            maybe this : www.amfphp.org ?