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    PLEASE HELP!  PP will not compile my timeline??????????????

    Stevedocmaker Level 1

      I am SUDDENLY getting error messages and crashes.  I have MONTHS worth of work placed into a timeline.  It's time to start making screeners for others to see what I've done.  A few days ago I exported the timeline, imported the mpeg2 file into Encore and burned a screener.  Today - NO GO!.  The same timeline, the same process.  I keep getting the following useless message:



      Unknown Error


      I tried rendering the work area first, no change.  I have tried dynamically linking the timeline to Encore and also can not burn a disc.  There's no error message in Encore, it just freezes up during the build process.


      I have TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND A YEAR OF MY LIFE bundled up in this timeline.  Any help will be grately appreciated.


      CS5.5.  System is a 2009 MacPro, 24GB of RAM, 6TB of hard drive space on 4 drives.  I tried changing the scratch disc, no go.  I tried turning off all the audio tracks, no change.  I tried turning off all the video tracks, no change.


      Steve Keller