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    "Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file."


      I have recently upgraded to PS CS5, operating on an imac with Mac OSX Lion.


      Every now and then I get the message above when trying to open certain Raw (CR2)  files in photoshop Raw converter.


      If I try to only open the one specific raw file I get the above message, although if I open multiple raw files in one go, they all open fine, although when I scroll down to the image that can't be parsed I either get this mesage "Unable to swith to the current image. There was an error parsing the file" or photoshop freezes totally.


      As far as I can see the images aren't corrupted becasue I'm able to view them with Bridge. I have never encounter this problem with my equipment before upgrading.


      Does anyone have a solution?

      Cheers in advance.