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    Newbie is lost


      I have a large MS Word Doc.  Imported into InCopy and was pleasantly surprised.  It was all there (except for TOC) and I still haven't checked the bibliography integrity


      Now I learn I need to get the InCopy version into InDesign to do what on the cover page and try a kindle export. I am now lost.


      InDesign wont open InCopy file.  I created a document in InDesign and placed the Incopy file - why this has to be done ie beyond me.


      What I see is an InDesign file in the directory of the expected size and the first page of the InCopy version of my old Word file - where did the rest of them go?


      THis seems way to complex, but i'll accept that.


      How do I 'see' the rest of the pages I think have been placed?  I hope I don't have to place them one by one cause i'll give up.