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    Roster Listing in a Form

    Dave EFH3

      How do I set up within a form a way to enter a list of people .


      For example, a coach fills out an application for his team to enter a tournament, filling in fields for age group, team name, coach info fields, etc


      But then he needs to enter a list of players, with birthdate, uniform number, and a few other fields specific to each player. I need one field for player name and then be able to enter multiple playes in that one field, one field for birthdate, one field for uniform number, etc and in each of these fields be able to make one entry per player.  I can't use a multi-line textbox because I need the other fields to be individual fields but tied to a player.  I could theoreticaally create a separate field for each player and for each of his attributes but that.would be too wide and I need the list to be vertical under one field.  Or I could have the coach submit a separate mini form for each player but that doesn't seem very user friendly.  Would I have to attach a separate pre-formatted Excel file for them to fill in rosters - bu that has issues.   An attached pdf form woudn't work either since I need to capture values.

      Any ideas? . . . and thanks