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    PP crashing and giving NVIDIA OpenGL Error Code:6 when in FCP XML sequence


      Hi guys/gals,



      In an attempt to do an online and colour grade of a music video I shot with the EPIC recently, I loaded up a FCP XML (created with FCP version 7) file into a new 2k, 2:1, 23.98 sequence from the presets and re-linked the offline EPIC .r3D's to color in PP and AE CS5.5.

      Mix of sizes, 2k, 3k and 5k as well as some 5D shots. My playback settings are Paused: Full and Play: 1/8th



      As I go through and clean up the sequence for finishing Premiere Pro keeps crashing and giving me an error:



      NVIDIA OpenGL Driver Error Code: 6

      "Your hardware configuration does not meet minimum specs"


      When I build a new sequence from scratch with all the same footage, PP chugs along and moves slowly as I make changes and scrub through the footage but it doesn't crash.


      Is this a known issue with FCP XML's and PP and is there a fix?


      As far as I know my system is spot on and up to date on all drivers, could it be a faulty GPU??




      GEFORCE 285.62 DRIVER

      I am running CS5.5, with EPIC plug ins installed.

      Asus Sabretooth

      Intel i7 3600

      16GB Corsair RAM

      Nvidia GTX580

      120GB SSD C:

      2TB Raid0



      Thanks for any advice in advance.