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    Save_As, and Color picker suggestions

      Hello again-
      In using custom themes, I see two features that really do need to be added, at some point:

      1. 'Save As' capability. I know this has been mentioned before, but this is definitely necessary to develop new themes from prior ones. Right now, to use a prior theme nondestructively, I must enter the RGB values for each of the source theme colors in my new 'unnamed' theme. Ai, caramba! The completely natural workflow, as with most applications of all sorts, is the ever popular 'Save As', and one can simply and safely develop a new theme. Please consider making this a priority- it is sorely needed.

      2. I have had many occasions to modify a color which I like, but which I wish to 'gray down'- not changing value, but rather trying to add some of its complement. This is essentially moving toward the 'center', ie, moving 'inward' (away from the edge of 'pure color', toward the center of 'grayed color').

      OK: Now, perhaps I am missing something, but I don't see a way to 'keep on the line' when moving toward the center- I can't do it by 'touch', and I know that I am moving both inward and 'off the line' to wind up with a color that is different as well as 'grayed'.

      So I'd suggest: How about adding something like the Ai 'Live Paint' palette: In Ai, if you hold down the Shift key while moving the color indicator, you are restricted to moving ONLY in-out, along the 'line' of the color. An excellent key addition, allowing me to confidently 'gray' or 'ungray' a color.

      Thanks. --Bill
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Bill,
          Thanks for the feedback. Regarding Save_As workflow, your "Ai caramba" said it all. :-) Interesting idea re: moving color "in line" on the color wheel.
          I can't make any promises, our team juggles many things, but these are great suggestions. Out of curiosity, how are you using kuler?
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            Thanks for the response. My art-graphics background (apart from any tech/applications) is originally watercolor painting- been doing that for 20 years, primarily en plein air (smart aleck art community way of saying 'I paint outdoors'). So I am very much a colorist- my palette in WC and oils has no earth colors, for example (burnt seinna, raw sienna, umber, blacks of any kind)- everything is mixed 'by eye' from primaries (and from a 'base' blue-green, Thalo green).

            So- Kuler is great fun for me. I use it in two ways:
            1. As an idea generator: I will occasionally troll the Themes based on a keyword (coral), and will refine based on the metawords I see in interesting Themes (ex: I might be led to 'tropical'). I will save anything of interest as a Favorite, which I will later prune down to the few I'd like to keep.

            I often will refine a Theme- the most frequent thing I find is that most Themes are so STRONG (!)- that is, the colors tend to be at full saturation, un'grayed' with their complement, and at full brightness. I have made several very successful palettes from existing Themes by 'graying down' selected colors from the Theme, and often muting their brightness a bit.

            2. I also use Kuler in a back-and-forth way with Ai's Color Guide. I think the Color Guide is a tremendous resource- I regularly use it for Shades of a color, and for the array of choices in Triads, etc. I may download a Kuler Theme (my own or a found one), and work the colors in the Color Guide. Once I have my particular color(s), I may go back to Kuler and fiddle some more.

            When I work with a project (whether in Ai, Ps, or on paper/canvas), I try to stay within 5-6 principal colors. But I also want variants that are within similar color families. So on an Ai project, I may have 1 to 5 or 6 Kuler Themes available- but they are all 'within the family' of one another, and in the end I only wind up using a subset from across the Themes.

            Whew! (I think I will relax now by watching a black-and-white 'noir' movie...)
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              Re the 'moving color in_line', I think this capability already exists in the Create, by using HSV:

              If I click to the HSV line of numbers, the sliders above the color now are the Hue, Saturation, and Value (from top to bottom).

              Using the Saturation (middle) slider, moving this slider DOES move the selected color 'along the line' either outward (more saturated, less grayed color) or inward (less saturated, more grayed color).

              Pretty neat. (Though one must remember whether one is in RGB or HSV 'slider land').

              I would still suggest the Ai Live Color idea, where you could click on the color in the color wheel, hold down a Shift key, and then slide the color 'along the saturation line'.


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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Thanks for the info, we always enjoy learning who is out there kulering. :-)