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    Adobe Reader 10.1.1 crashes on Windows 7 x64




      i am really despaired right now, because I can't convince the current Version of Adobe Reader to work on my Computer.

      I hope you can help me...


      I've installed the current version of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader on my Windows 7 x64 and when I open a .pdf Document, the Reader freezes and after a few seconds it termineted without any message.

      The same happens, if I open the Reader without any Document.

      If I click on the "Update"-Button in the Reader, it says "Adobe Reader doesn't work correctly...and must be closed".


      I uninstall and "tried" to reinstall the Flash Player and Reader, but... the Adobe Download-Shortcut deletes itself after dubble-clicking on it.

      I've downloaded it a second time from the Adobe website, but it does the same.


      Now i've installed it from the "full installation"-Files, but... die Reader doesn't work anyway.



      Why does the Reader not work ?

      Why does the Download-Manager-Shortcut destroy itself ?



      Greetings from Germany.