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    Memory issue with flash player on MACX

      Hello and thank you for the help because I am stuck on it.

      As many of you experienced flash react in a weird way wheb it comes to handle heavy external datas. In my case i designed a music catalog due to work as a standalone app on DVD and everythiing works well on PC and MAC with that big exception the flash player on MAC doesnt release the reserved memory when I unload a mp3 file. So the memory used goes up until the app freeze as my brain burn.

      Precisely user browse a xml catalog and choose fil to be load in class music palyer then another sound is selected an loaded.

      Everthing is good on PC I can see the meonory usage increase by the file size and decrease the same way but on MAC it never decrease. I have try everything i know and nothing work.

      SO PLEASE if anyone experienced this and found how to go away with it or have any idea i will appreciate